Robot Prototype Catalog/Manual Graphic/Editorial Design

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We are seeking quotations from qualified vendors to create a catalog and user manual for our small robot prototypes.
Please provide detailed quotations for the following:
Project Title: Small Robot Prototype Catalog and User Manual
Project Overview:1. Target Audience: B2B customers2. Catalog Size: A43. Content:- Create a catalog based on actual photographs of the prototypes to showcase their appearance and design.- Include descriptions of the product's functionality.- Produce a user manual in PDF format (printing is not required).
Key Requirements:1. Graphic Design:- Develop visually appealing catalog pages based on provided prototype photographs. (Please see attached example)- Ensure clear and professional design layout.2. Content:- Write concise and informative product descriptions.- Provide clear and user-friendly instructions in the user manual.3. Format:- Catalog: A4 size, digital format (PDF).- User Manual: PDF format.
Submission Deadline: 12/10/2023
Submission Instructions:Please submit your detailed quotation to no later than the specified deadline. Include the following information:
- Quotation breakdown (itemized costs for design, content, and formatting).- Estimated project completion time.- Any relevant experience or portfolio showcasing similar projects.
Selection Criteria:The selection will be based on the following criteria:
- Cost-effectiveness.- Quality of design and content.- Compliance with project requirements.- Project completion time.

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