Design and Develop Landing Page for Sponsorship Packs

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19 days ago


I am seeking a talented and collaborative team player to create a visually striking and highly functional landing page to showcase sponsorship packs. This project requires a seamless blend of design aesthetics and front-end development expertise to ensure an engaging user experience that converts visitors into valued sponsors.
Craft visually stunning graphics that align with our brand identity and effectively communicate the value of our sponsorship packs.Develop a cohesive and captivating design that guides visitors through the sponsorship information and benefits.Ensure a responsive and visually appealing layout for optimal user engagement across various devices.Implement an intuitive and user-friendly interface with smooth navigation to showcase the sponsorship packs seamlessly.Prioritise responsive design to guarantee a consistent and enjoyable experience across desktop and mobile platforms.Integrate dynamic elements to enhance interactivity and keep visitors engaged throughout their journey on the landing page.Skills Required:Designer: Graphic design, branding, and visual storytelling.Front-End Developer: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and proficiency in responsive design.Expected Deliverables:
Fully functional and responsive front-end code (HTML5/SCSS (bootstrap 4)/JS) for the landing page.Timeline:We aim to have the project completed within 20 days. Regular communication and collaboration are key to achieving the desired outcome.
Budget:Our budget for this project is very tight. We are open to discussing rates based on the expertise and quality of work provided.If you have a proven track record of creating compelling landing pages that drive conversion and possess the skills needed for this project, we invite you to submit your proposal. Let's create an impactful landing page together and elevate our sponsorship opportunities to new heights!

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