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We're looking for extra development resource to help with our Wordpress builds - we work with TailwindCSS and ACF Flexible Content blocks to build out flexible websites so clients can drop the blocks in anywhere on the page.
Show me example sites you've build with this stack - we have work ready to go!

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We use a Shopify plugin called Dynamic Product Options which allows users to enter customised dimensions and configure product options so they get a custom on-screen quotes. They can then add the product to their basket if they wish. See the app in use on a product page here: https://kuvr.co/products/garden-furniture-covers-custom-size As you will see, the app calculates the price and displays it immediately on-screen. The problem is that we know approximately 80% of users who configure their product to calculate a price do not add it to their basket. We are effectively losing 80% of leads that arrive on our website for this reason. To address this issue, we would like to hide the price behind a form so the user must first enter their name and email address before they can see the price on screen. When they click "Get my instant quote" the form data, including the product page URL, is captured and passed to an email service like Mailchimp so it can be added to a marketing funnel segmented based on the product URL. Please find a full explanation in the below loom video: https://www.loom.com/share/5989210b86de4c8e803744f152724eac?sid=00c3b639-dcc1-440c-ac1a-5faa8188c9bb If you cannot access the Loom link above, you can find it in the PDF file attached. We have spoken with the developers of Dynamic Product Options. They say there is no way to create this functionality using the app alone. We CAN hide the price, and add a name and email input field as a custom product option and then display the price once the form detects that data has been entered in the name and email field, but none of the data is actually captured until the user adds the product to their cart which obviously does not help us resolve the problem. We need to capture the customer name and email BEFORE they decide to add the product to their cart. As such we're looking for a solution that would somehow hide the price output of the Dynamic Product Options app until we have collected the user's name and email address (and website URL) and passed it to a service like Mailchimp. Please note that we are looking specifically for solutions that work with Dynamic Product Options. It is an incredibly powerful custom price calculation app — there is no other Shopify app that has the advanced features of this plugin and we do not want to move away from it.
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