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We need a designer who's experienced in designing artwork for t-shirts.
We need 3 different t-shirt designs based on the following slogans;1. WHAT THE TRUCK2. SHIP HAPPENS3. LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT
Front T-Shirt Design:Include our AMCO logo near the left breast area when wearing it. (Approx. 6cm width) With our website address underneath it at the same width as the logo (www.amco-group.co.uk).The main design is to feature prominent slogan text and a striking bold graphical representation of the slogan. (i.e something to do with a UK HGV truck for 'What the Truck', a cargo ship for 'Ship Happens', and a commercial aeroplane for 'Love at First Flight'.
Rear T-Shirt Design:To feature the same main design as the front of the t-shirt. However, the AMCO logo is to be positioned centrally near the neck area, with the website underneath.
Designs are to be printed onto black t-shirts by AMCO's corporate wear supplier, so colours need to suit. However, we do need to be able to edit the artwork as they may also be printed on white, or red t-shirts.
Corporate guidelines are attached, with text and colours. However, we can have some fun with these designs, so there is room for flexibility. FYI - We are a global logistics company, and technology design elements may be used in the design if needed.

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