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We are a multi-award winning self adhesive label printer based in the centre of the UK.
We are looking for a Graphic Designer to produce an 8pp A4 quality printed brochure that our external Sales Team can leave behind with any prospects they have visited for the first time.
The idea is that pretty much all of our competition would say that they can produce great quality labels with short lead times and at a great price.
Our aim is to create a brochure which asks the question ‘Why Mercian?’ and then proceeds to answer that question for them.
We have developed a messaging concept - ‘Made…’, for example ‘Made independently, Made easy, Made for you etc’ as many of our competitors are part of large multi-company conglomerates who have excellent buying power for their materials, but potentially lower levels of customer service, whereas, with us being independently owned and operated, we are very much focused on providing the highest levels of quality and customer service. Likewise ‘Made easy’ is how we make the whole buying process easy for them, etc., etc.So the text is based around these ‘Made…’ headings.
We have written the text for the brochure and are happy with that, but need a suitable design which makes the brochure stand out and remain memorable for the recipient, after our colleague has left.
I produced a very quick first draft (see attached) so that the Board could see how it could be laid out, but I do not have the design experience or software to make this what it needs to be.
The initial feedback from the Board is that:1. It does not currently show enough product photos or photos of our people2. The content of what is initially pages 6 & 4 could be swapped3. The sector icons on (the current) page 6 could be better as product photos rather than icons4. It would look better if it was laid out in the style of the Annual Report document we produced in 2021 - with the main page message (Made reliably etc) being aligned vertically on the side of the page, (rather like the People/Prosperity/Planet messages in the previous brochure)
We can supply all of our logos, icons, site photos and some people photos, along with the approved text in a Word document.
Could you have a look through the attached and provide a fixed price quotation to design this and provide print ready artwork, allowing for some amends following any feedback from the Board.
Once we have fully approved the final artwork, we would also like to produce this in an A5 version as well, so please confirm whether there will be any additional cost for resizing the artwork to be printed in an A5 format as well.
I trust this is all that you need at this stage, but if you do have any questions before you can provide a final quotation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you in advance for your help on this.
Kind Regards

Mark PriorMarketing ManagerMercian Labels Ltd

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