I need a logo for print and online use created from a photo

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● Please only apply if you can show some examples of your prior work that are similar to my own requirements. ● Please include some indication that you've read the project description if you wish to apply.● Without wishing to be rude to the professional/conscientious freelancers here, prior to setting up my own business I spent over a decade as a Top Cert freelancer/top ten in my category here myself, and I can spot a copy/paste scattergun proposal a mile off; these will immediately be filed in the bin.● Please consider my budget as a placeholder and submit your proposal accordingly, reflecting your usual rates for the experience/track record you have here.
I need a logo/graphic image created in a universal format that can be used both online and for print, based on a photograph I will provide. I require both a colour version (two colours) and a black/white version.The supplied photograph itself is essentially exactly how I want it to look - a square neon sign with text in a specific font, with a chrome pole behind it - but the photograph isn't suitable for all applications/in the correct format for many things. I want to recreate the image as closely as possible, in the usual file formats, and end up with three versions - one around 9:16 ratio, vertically, and then one that's suitable to print/use in a circle and a square.
Any questions please ask, but please keep it relevant rather than "pick me" style.

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