Replicate already published Google Play app for Apple

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Hi, I have a functioning android app already available on Google Play. I just want someone who can replicate the same app to launch on various app stores, including apple. I already have an apple developer account, and the first uploaded iOS app received feedback of needing a way to remove app data and offer in app purchasing rather than just Stripe. I have already adjusted the Google Play app to allow for removing app data and implemented the use of a proprietary pattern entry system rather than password to efficiently log back into an account already logged into on the same phone app. The app is pretty basic, in that it is mostly web view of a server. The difficult stuff is on the server and you will not need to do anything on the server, just the app development of a web view, replicating the code of the Google Play app (pattern login), and implementing perhaps In App Purchase. The current app uses Stripe only.

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400.0 USD Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
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