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I require a professional freelancer to translate several pages of text from English to Arabic and French. The source text discusses general topics around modern technology such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, and data privacy. The translations should have consistent terminology and retain the overall tone and meaning of the original English content.
The freelancer should be a native or fluent speaker of both Arabic and French with excellent command of the English language. Prior experience in technical translation is preferable but not necessary. The translator must thoroughly proofread their work to eliminate any grammatical errors or stylistic inconsistencies. Translations should use appropriate vocabulary and expressions for the target audiences in the Middle East/North Africa and France.
This is a one-time translation project requiring approximately 1000-1200 words to be translated within one week of receiving the source files. The freelancer's task is to produce high-quality translations that communicate the core messages and concepts effectively across cultures and languages. Payment will be made in full upon receiving the Arabic and French translations along with a summary of any context-based alterations made to the original content.

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