I need a compelling Business Plan & Roadmap Creating

121.0 GBP

121.0 GBP peopleperhour Writing & Translation Overseas
33 days ago


I need to create a compelling Business Plan & Associated Road Map to demonstrate our companies 3 year plans and how we will get there with clear focus and KPI measures

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We are a dynamic startup seeking an experienced Grant Consultant to assist with drafting and submitting our grant applications. We operate in hospitality industry and are dedicated to AI-powered digital concierge SaaS solution designed for the hotel and hospitality industry, providing essential e-commerce services like room service, dining, spa bookings, minibar, laundry, limousine reservations, and tour packages. As a startup, securing grant funding is crucial for our growth and innovation. Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough research on relevant grants, including requirements and evaluation criteria. - Develop comprehensive and persuasive grant proposals aligned with grant guidelines. - Collaborate with our team to gather necessary information and supporting documents. - Review and refine grant applications to ensure clarity, accuracy, and completeness. - Submit final applications within specified deadlines. - Provide ongoing support and advice throughout the grant application process. Requirements: - Proven track record of successful grant applications, particularly for UK and Ireland grants. - Strong understanding of various grant types and funding opportunities. - Exceptional writing, editing, and proofreading skills. - Ability to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines. - Strong attention to detail and organizational skills. - Experience in hospitality industry is advantageous but not essential. - Familiarity with the challenges and opportunities of working with startups.
100.0 GBP Writing & Translation peopleperhour Overseas
3 days ago