Cartoonist/Caricuture Illustrator for Newspaper Style Project

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I am looking for an illustrator to create a personal piece as a gift for a good friends' milestone birthday.
As my friend is a Creative Director who has spent many years in the London newspaper and creative industry, I would love to create a humorous British newspaper, or political style, cartoon/caricature illustration of her, with key aspects of her character and work lifestyle as background/story.
I have a couple of ideas for the illustration 'scene', but I am also open to interpretation/creative suggestion as long as some key features are included.
The illustration would need to be really vibrant in colour as I would like to print and frame the piece. A high quality download format would be fine.
I will of course provide an image of my friend and have attached some reference images. Deadline is beginning/early first week of April 2023, at the absolute latest.
Please do get in touch if this sounds like a project for you. I would be greateful for the most affordable project or fixed rate costs as unfortunately I do not have a huge budget, the agreed rate would respectfully be dependant on portfolio of work experience.
Many thanks for your time. Look forward to hearing from you!








To make it clear due to a lot of different request and submissions to the project, I am looking for someone who can draw horror and is ok with messed up images. I am not looking for anyone who does website design or draws kid like drawings. You will be drawing body horror and horrific images. Blood, self harming and abuse. I am looking for a comic artist who can draw comics, not manga. Please see in the files the type of art style I want. I require a comic book artist, mainly within the Uk for a project. You will be an artist working on my comic which is a one shot, one off short horror comic for a submission to Image comics. The project is a one shot comic focusing on a carnival of horrors with the story being about every cast of the carnival as they are investigated due to a murder. The comic focuses on 5 members who could have killed a girl visiting the carnival that day. The whole story is just a one off horror story about a horror carnival. As a note you will need to be ok with drawing certain images, mainly horror themed images of murder. It will be quite gory but nothing over the top or anything illegal. I will have a detailed layout for each page with text and so on. I will provide character designs and any references to better understand the layout and idea I want. The goal of this comic is to be a one off comic hopefully to be submitted and published through image comics. I would like this comic to be of comic book publishing quality with good art and detail which a comic company would want to publish. This will also require a cover. Firstly the comic style - The style of the comic is a black and white comic, Walking dead, the crow and noir like drawings. The blood though will be colour. The overall design though I want is creepy pastas. The best examples and references are like Batman Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison and From Hell by Alan moore. These art styles are the overall design I want for the comic. Creepy images with twisted details. The drawings which could come from the pits of hell. My rules - My overall rules I would like for any artist to follow are basic and I want you to understand that I know how hard it is being an artist. Artists can get screwed over and don’t get a lot of freedom to draw their passions. So firstly my main rule is you have creative freedom. If you think something looks good with a certain design aspect or parts you think will make the comic look better is ok with me. You can draw parts and add parts in. Another rule is sexualisation of character . Personally, I do not like it when a character is liked because of how they look. Sexual with their design oe character. For example like Lady Death or Vampirella. They are drawn very…I would say half naked and sexual. For me, I don’t want this. I don’t like people liking my work or creations because they are hot and drawn sexually . You should draw characters and make characters which people will love because of who they are, not how they look. The dates - I would like this comic to be finished within a month, two at the latest. Payment/ pricing - I prefer to pay per page. We can discuss this more in emails. The goals and end results of the comic - I want this to be my first comic and a stepping stone into creating more stories. I want this to be one issue so it’s easier to fund and it can be a one off to show my work and my style. I want to submit this to Image Comics as I own all the rights. I am not expecting this to be a big comic which will make me millions but I don’t want my work being used by other people. I have learned from other writers and how they feel about their work being owned by a major company that it's a bad move. If you want to not let that idea be used for all it’s worth and sucked dry, go with a company which gives you the rights and all the rights.
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