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Hello, I am looking for a person WHO MOTHER TONGUE IS SPANISH.  who has experience translating documents, images or files.  The task to be carried out is to translate a book of 74 pages with 200 words…








We are seeking an experienced proofreader to provide a thorough content review and error check of all pages on our website As a growing startup in the mobile app development industry, we want to portray a polished and professional image to potential clients. However, with constant updates and additions of new services, the quality of writing and correctness of details on our website has diminished. The selected candidate will be required to methodically go through all pages on our site, including about us, services, portfolio, blog and contact sections. The objective will be to examine write-ups, descriptions, case studies and other content thoroughly to detect and correct spelling, grammatical and factual mistakes. You must also ensure consistent formatting, stylization and voice across various pages. Given the technical nature of services discussed, an understanding of mobile app development terminology will be beneficial for the role. In addition to fixing errors, you will also be tasked with enhancing the overall clarity and communication effectiveness of the content. Where required, rephrasing, restructuring or addition of more details can be done to make information easily comprehensible. Your edits should maintain the original tone and style we have used while improving quality. Once the review is completed, a detailed report highlighting changes made on each page will be submitted. We expect the project to be completed within 2 weeks. Candidates with a minimum
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You need to make 2 lists in Microsoft Word. They will be filled in as laid out below. Compile data around the factors in the sources provided at the end. You don’t have to use all the sources, we’ve just provided quite a few so you aren’t wasting time researching, you can just jump straight into the analysis and make the lists. Use a weighted statistical system to determine the Top 10 and Bottom 10 states for public safety as explained here: Focus on the three areas of public safety as the ranking factors (emergency response time; # of roadway infrastructure incidents [collapsed bridges or roads etc, traffic accidents]; and # of building infrastructure incidents). Please ensure the criteria for best and worst is consistent across all states. In each state’s subsection, write only a few sentences to cover specific details and underlying reasons (such as legislation, government spending on infrastructure, etc.) why public safety is so good (or so poor) in that state. Explain your math/statistics for putting each state in each rank, and link to the exact chart/data you pulled info from. Do this for every state listed, because I need to see exactly where every number, rank, percentage, etc. comes from to check your math and accuracy before payment is released. ChatGPT gets the analysis wrong every time, so make sure you follow instructions carefully, show your work, and check your math. List Layout: Best States for Public Safety State 1 State 2 State 3 State 4 State 5 State 6 State 7 State 8 State 9 State 10 Worst States for Public Safety State 1 State 2 State 3 State 4 State 5 State 6 State 7 State 8 State 9 State 10 Data sources: Bridge condition by highway system 2023 by the U.S. Dept of Transportation FEMA Annual Building Code Adoption Tracking Fact Sheets 2023 State Fire Loss & Fire Department Profiles through FEMA Average commute times by state Building codes by state via IBHS Building code adoption tracking through FEMA 2022 Highway Statistics via the U.S. Dept of Transportation Best states for emergency healthcare via Forbes Mobile device speedtest for phones EIA data on power outages Broadband internet access/rankings US fire death rates by state via the NFPA
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