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DescriptionExperience Level: Expert I am looking for a focused and driven candidate for the building of a 10 page website for my UK roofing company. We undertake both Industrial and domestic works and the site will need to be split to that, Commercial/DomesticThe site will require all onsite SEO. Including all meta tags, short and long. Text will require all researched keyword content to be SEO friendly in order to help the new website rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs), in turn, driving more traffic. The site will need a "forward to friend" button along with a page or links to youtube clips/video along with SSL and Google analitycs for site visits along with information for google rankings and a chat bot. The candidate must possess excellent writing skills and engagement strategies to help connect customers with our services.
JOB REQUIREMENTS AND QUALIFICATIONS:8+ years of experience Ability to write and optimize content for search engine ranking and conversions.Must have proven portfolio of previous works.
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1. Introduction Infinity is a powerful educational application that enables teachers to curate interactive digital quizzes from a bank of procedurally generated questions, providing infinite possibility. A native Android and iOS application will be available for students to use to complete these quizzes and their results and answers to be tracked by the teacher. This document outlines the image and picture specifications for the Infinity application. It provides a structured breakdown of required images. The primary purpose of this specification is to offer clear guidance on the image expectations and requirements set forth for the Infinity project. The specifications defined below are subject to amendments as the requirements for the Infinity application grow. Objective The objective of this specification document is to: Clearly define the image requirements of the Infinity application. Ensure consistency in images across various mathematical topics. 2. Deliverables To maintain a consistent, high-quality visual experience for Infinity users while also optimizing application performance, specific deliverable standards have been set. 2.1 File Format For every image produced we require an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file. Using AI files will allow the developers to convert these images into SVG files. 2.2 Size The Infinity application has been designed to fit into a 16:9 ratio screen that is 1280px by 720px. The imagesshould fit within these dimensions. However, the images will scale depending on the space requirements of the question. 2.3 Existing Images Due to the number of images required, any images that already exist should be reused as they are, for now. Due to the changing space requirements, it may not be possible to make all the lines appear the same thickness between images. However, it may be deemed that after testing any existing images once in the software, newer versions may be required. 2.4 Colours The colours of the existing images don’t need changing either. We are happy for these to remain as they are. 2.5 Delivery Mechanism All image files should: Be appropriately labelled and organized for easy reference. Be delivered via a shared Google drive specific to the Infinity project, to be determined later. Please communicate any challenges or concerns regarding these deliverables as early as possible. Collaboration and open communication will ensure the timely and high-quality completion of this project. 2.5 Access to Application Development Builds White Rose Education will provide: Access to a server containing a development build of the Infinity software. This is to be used as a demonstration application to gain experience of using the application. This server will be subject to on-going change as the application is developed. 3. Images Specification Below is the detailed list of images that are required for the Infinity application. Where necessary, details regarding the image have been provided. Where details haven’t been provided please design an image that is consistent with the other images in the specification. The images provided are for reference to the UI that will trigger the sound in the application. It has also been flagged where the UI is subject to change upon review. Some images contain multiple states of the UI (for example the buttons).
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We are seeking a skilled and creative Brand and UI/UX Designer to elevate our personal brand in the field of naturopathy and nutrition. As the face of our brand, you will play a crucial role in shaping its visual identity and user experience across web and social platforms. -Responsibilities: --Brand Requirements: -Develop a comprehensive brand strategy that aligns with the essence of naturopathy and nutrition. -Design a visually appealing brand that resonates with our target audience. -Create a brand proposition that communicates our values and unique selling points. --Web Design and build: -Craft a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that reflects the brand's identity. -Ensure seamless navigation and a positive user experience on the website. --Social Media Kit: -Design eye-catching images and videos for social media posts, focusing on platforms like IG, FB, and LinkedIn. -Maintain consistency in the look and feel of the brand across all social media channels. -Requirements: -Proven experience in brand design and UI/UX for personal brands, especially in the field of naturopathy and nutrition. -Strong portfolio showcasing your creativity and proficiency in web and social media design. -Excellent understanding of brand strategy and the ability to translate it into visually compelling designs. -Proficiency in relevant design tools and software. Opportunity to contribute to a growing personal brand in the naturopathy and nutrition space. Creative freedom to shape the visual identity of the brand.
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