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I oversee a small business which publishes PDF reports to a group of paid members, which is hosted behind a paywall.
These reports are published in PDF form, which members of my service can access and download.
To increase engagement I am looking to improve the look and feel of these monthly reports by having a template design put together by an expert - which is where the right candidate will come in.
The goal of this project is for you to create this template which allows for me to slide in new content each month such as:
Written content (long form reviews)ImagesTables/GraphsPodcast links (or embedded)Video Links (or embedded)
I would use this template as the basis for my creation and publication of a new monthly report. I would enter the content myself.
Currently I use Word to build my PDF's and then publish them using the save to PDF function.
Ideally therefore the ability to continue to use Word or another similar easy design application that I can purchase that will allow me to input new content but use your template design.
I am open minded to which software or approach would be best suited to creating these monthly PDF's. Again, I am hoping to be guided on this by the right candidate.
Although this is initially a one-off job to create the template design and advise on the best way to publish moving forward, I have no doubt that the right candidate will be used for more work in the future. I regularly have design needs!

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