Back end developer required for SaaS project

35.0 GBP

35.0 GBP peopleperhour 技术与编程 海外


We are not looking to work with an agency and the developer must be UK based.
I am writing on behalf of our client. We have an upcoming requirement for a developer to be part of an exciting, well-funded SaaS start-up for an undernourished niche.
Backend:node JS & MySQL.
This is an ongoing project and it is expected that the chosen developers shall work closely with the project’s team going forward.
It is expected that the chosen developers shall join us at the weekly meeting, be available during UK time, and produce code to a high standard which shall be inspected. You must be fluent in English and willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
When tendering, please indicate your daily rate and include links to your best 3 portfolio items.
We have 60 man days of work in our queue which is constantly increasing.








Complete the first phase of our Joomla website redevelopment (our current live site is and our dev site is Must be an experienced Joomla developer with high attention to detail (i.e. Not introduce bugs or reduce SEO). We have a draft Book of Work (BoW) planned for further releases across the next few months (i.e. Potential for future projects in addition to this PPH Project). 1) Add "Customers who viewed this course / bought this game, also bought:" on ca 90 webpages - Previous developer tried to implement HikaShop carousel option for related products & it's not working properly, see 2) Replace any links which are hardcoded, so they're relative instead (I believe the issue is minimal). 3) Personally, I prefer the design of our current home page rather than the version our previous developer changed it to on the dev site. If we keep this new design, i.e. If it's better for SEO & considered more modern: -Advise where this webpage is edited (possibly SP Page Builder). -Change Title (i.e. Google Chrome tab). -Delete large gap before Why Choose Elite/About Us. -Change "Our Sevices" to "Our Services & Products". -Reduce the number of fonts & apply the same CCS as used throughout the website. -Re-add Search function. 4) Remove 8 webpages with Apprenticeship course details + apprenticeship overview page + apprenticeship FAQs + links to them from ca 50 training course webpages + from menu & all course listed webpage. 5) Update PHP from 7.3.23 to the latest version (TBC, we may need to do this ourselves). 6) Update Joomla Extensions: 18 extension updates are available in Joomla for the Dev site. Update those we're using & if there are no issues, do the same on the Live site. 7) Remove & add profiles used for Our Consultants (trainers) & Our Coaches. It looks as though our previous developer tried to implement a different tool to display trainer profiles & this isn't working, hence either fix or rollback. 8) Implement key SEO strategies you'd recommend that we're not applying. 9) Fix broken links & other minor issues identified during testing. Then support release onto our live server (which our CTO will lead). 10) Provide ad-hoc expertise & guidance to employees for them to make admin-based changes.
2000.0 GBP 技术与编程 peopleperhour 海外