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We are a growing brand (Spices & Dry Fruits) looking for an expert to create 8 or 10 Product Listings for on different d2C platforms in India. We need someone who can ensure our product listings are s…








I have a batch of 120-130 invoices, each one in a different PDF file. There are 5 informations from each invoice/PDF that I need to copy to an Excel file. They are: - Invoice number - Date - Product - Quantity - Price It's a simple task, but it requires FULL attention from you, because mistakes won't be accepted. I'm attaching an example of some PDF files and the EXCEL file with instructions so you can understand exactly what needs to be done. 95% of the invoices have only 1 product, but a few of them may have 2 or 3 different products. Please download the ZIP file and see the example and read instructions to understand exactly what needs to be done. I'll pay 10 cents (US Dollar) for each PDF. This will give you a payment of $12 to $13 US Dollar, depending on the quantity of PDF files on your batch. On top of that, I'll add an extra $5 US Dollar as grattitude if you finish the job with ZERO errors or mistake. For each mistake we find after finished, I'll deduct 20 cents from your payment. I'll check the task after finished, and my team will really compare each Excel line with each PDF file, so if you make any mistake, we'll definitely find it, and we'll have to cut your payment. If you don't want to loose money, and want to make an extra $5, please do this task with full attention. We don't want you to loose money, we just want a job with quality. You'll make 10 cents for each PDF file + 5 dollars as grattitude if you make zero mistake, and you'll loose 20 cents for each mistake we find. If you don't agree with that, PLEASE DON'T BID. If you have any question or doubt that if what you're doing is wrong or right, please let me know. Send me a print and I'll be glad to help and let you know if what you're doing is wrong or right. I don't want a wrong project and I don't want you to loose money. Also if you read this until here please write "blink182" in chat so I know you're a careful person. I've done many of these batches myself, and it takes me no more than 2 hours to finish it. But I'll give you 24 hours after awarded to finish the task and deliver the Excel file. After you deliver the Excel file, I'll need 48 hours to check it and release your payment. I'm managing several projects at the same time, and sometimes I take longer to answer. Please wait patiently. Thank you!
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