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looking for a logo for car fan club in UAE








We are seeking a talented and versatile designer who can create both a dynamic website and an eye-catching flyer for the Meridian Action Group (MAG), a community initiative focused on opposing the proposed Meridian Solar Farm. This dual project aims to raise awareness, encourage community involvement and provide detailed information through both digital and print media. Responsibilities: Flyer Design: - Create an informative and visually appealing flyer that outlines the impact of the Meridian Solar Farm, MAG’s mission and how the community can get involved. - The flyer should be ready for print distribution and formatted as a digital image/PDF for online sharing. - Design elements should include engaging visuals of the local landscape use of MAG’s colour scheme (greens, browns and blues), and include specific sections on community impact, a call to action and contact information. Website Design: - Develop a user-friendly website that serves as a hub for information, updates and community action regarding the solar farm project. - Key features should include a blog for updates, a calendar of events, a sign-up form for newsletters and integration with social media. - The site should be easy to navigate, visually coherent with the flyer design, and optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing. Skills Required: - Proficiency in graphic design software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator) and web development platforms (WordPress preferred). - Strong understanding of branding and visual storytelling. - Ability to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and effective in communicating important messages. - Experience with SEO best practices and website analytics. - Excellent communication skills and responsiveness. Project Deliverables: - A final flyer design in multiple formats (JPEG, PDF) ready for both print and digital use. - A fully functioning, content-rich website that reflects MAG’s objectives and branding. - Source files for both the website and flyer. Timeline: - The project should start immediately upon hire, with a preliminary design review within a couple of days and final delivery expected within one week. Budget: - Please provide your estimated cost for the complete project based on the specifications above. To Apply: - Submit a proposal with examples of similar work, especially any projects involving environmental or community action themes. - Explain your approach to balancing visual design with informational clarity. - Include a brief plan on how you would manage both parts of the project, including any tools or platforms you intend to use. Interview Process: - Please be prepared to discuss your previous work and how it aligns with the goals of this project. - Selected candidates may be invited for a video interview to discuss the project details and assess compatibility.
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