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34 days ago


- A logo required for this web site: https://rede.z13.web.core.windows.net/ It should reflect two themes, dark and light. Therefore either two logos should be done (with different of border color/fill up colors) or one logo (but which will look evenly good on dark and light background). As part of this assignment also favicon needed (it will be either the same image as logo or a less detailed logo image)- For this website: https://cashbackfuchs.de/ a simplified version of logo for favicon is required. As starting point this sketch can be used: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZY7NefinMwIdcScqCmYSie1X4yuozxeD/view
As the first website is not in the final version, a requirement may come to replace a color code for shade or background in the ready icon after an official handover.
Execution time is 5 working day. Start ASAP.

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