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I have a complicated signup page that has a lot of input validation. Both using regex patterns but also calls to backend db via fetch.
Looking for someone to just do the html/js on a single page.








This feels like a fun project and I'd love to work closely with someone as I'm a software engineer myself! We currently run a pet tag arm for our 3D printing company and we're running into duplicated tag designs that are probably very quick to create automatically using custom built software. The make up of our tags are a base model, for instance a 4mm disc, with a 2mm deep engraved phone number and a 0.6mm text laid on top (see picture for example). The aim is to make it so that these easy tags are automatically uploaded to a server for our printer to pick up so I can rapidly get them onto print, removing a bottleneck that we're currently running into. Base Business Information: - We have 4 design base shapes: Circle, Bone, Cloud & Heart - but this could extend further. - We have a core font that we would use for text for both front and back. - We will provide a couple of base SVGs and I can write up data contracts for what the API may receive to test. We're looking for these core features: - An open API we could run locally that would receive 4 details: design type, phone number, pet name, motif - The API should generate an STL file of the design that is saved to a server (bonus points if exportable as a 3MF) - The API should be extensible for us to add further base design SVGs and Motifs in future - The API should handle text length effectively (text shouldn't go over the base SVG) resizing when necessary - Things like depths should be related to the design - so a circle tag might have 6mm, a bone might have a 4mm - this is something we can discuss. Please start the proposal with "Bob Ross" to let me know you have read this far. This is something we were toying with but we'd like something a little sexier: The outcome should be a Laravel/react/JS based application that we can effectively build on in the future. There is scope for repeat work on this for the right person. Price is negotiable for the right person with the right background.
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