Structural engineer for removal of chimney on ground floor

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(Looking for some based near London that can attend in person) We have a client in London, W8 that wants to take out part of their chimney from the garage of a mews house. We need to get someone to take a look to see what will be needed in order to do this safely (calculations etc) and also to know if this would require planning / building control approval? Not sure of cost








Klaviyo Email Designer WHY MR SINGH’S Mr Singh's is a family-run chilli crisps company rooted in the heart of East London. It all began in a humble garden shed, where our Pops crafted his original chilli sauce recipe and then went on to develop new crisp flavours, driven by his love for family, food, and fun. From those early days, we've grown to supply renowned rtailers like Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Selfridges, and more. Our purpose is simple yet profound: "Bringing People Together." We're all about creating moments of joy, laughter, and connection, whether it's through our outrageously tasty snacks or our epic house parties that London won't soon forget. ABOUT YOU We are currently seeking a skilled and innovative email template designer to collaborate with our team on our Klaviyo account. The ideal candidate will possess a strong focus on creativity and fun, with the ability to produce email templates that not only align with our brand guidelines but also deliver a visually appealing and user-friendly experience for our audience. If you have a knack for crafting engaging email designs and are adept at translating brand aesthetics into compelling visual content, we want to hear from you! If you have the following attributes please apply for this project; Fun sense of humour Adaptable Excellent listening and communication Resourceful Creative Able to problem solve for clients You ask questions for clarification vs assuming VISION We would like our email templates to effectively communicate updates and offers to our valued customers on a regular basis, typically every 4-6 weeks. It's essential that our emails not only reflect our brand's aesthetic but also prioritise customer engagement and ensure clear visibility of our call-to-action (CTA). We aim to create emails that our customers eagerly anticipate receiving, making each interaction with Mr Singh's a delightful experience in their inbox. REQUIREMENTS Guidance All work must conform to our brand guidelines (attached). The template should be easy to read/ understand for our audience. Our audience ranges from the age of 30 to 60+. Our Target Audience normally reads emails on their phone, so the templates need to be easy to follow and look good for mobile users as well as desktop users. How to Apply To apply for this project and join our team of freelancers, please follow the steps below: Please reply to this project or start your application with the following statement: “I have read the instructions, please see my answer below…” Then, open our brand document to find the answer to the following question and add it to the beginning of your proposal: “What are Mr Singh's Core Values?” Then, write out any proposal. Thank you and good luck
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**Freelance Project Brief: CADGIS to QGIS Conversion and Export to QField** **Project Overview:** We are seeking a skilled freelancer with expertise in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to convert approximately 20 CADGIS maps into QGIS format. The successful completion of this project involves not only the conversion of these maps but also their subsequent export to QField for mobile GIS data collection and mapping. This project is pivotal for our field data collection efforts, allowing us to leverage precise and efficient GIS capabilities in our operations. **Objectives:** - Convert approximately 20 CADGIS maps into QGIS format with utmost accuracy. - Ensure that all elements of the CADGIS maps are properly transferred and functional within QGIS. - Export the converted QGIS maps to QField, verifying their compatibility and performance on mobile devices for field data collection. **Scope of Work:** 1. **Conversion of CADGIS mapinfo to QGIS:** - Analyze and convert CADGIS maps to QGIS, retaining all geographical and attribute data. - Perform necessary adjustments to ensure that the maps are fully functional in QGIS, including layer properties, symbols, and other relevant GIS data. 2. **Export to QField:** - Prepare and export the QGIS maps to QField format, ensuring compatibility with QField standards. - Test the maps on QField to verify their operability and accuracy for field use. 3. **Quality Assurance and Testing:** - Conduct thorough testing at each stage of the project to ensure the integrity of the data and its usability in QGIS and QField. - Address any issues identified during testing to ensure the maps meet project requirements. **Deliverables:** - QGIS files of the converted maps, ready for use. - Documentation detailing the conversion process, including any specific adjustments made to ensure compatibility with QGIS and QField. - A final report summarizing the project outcomes, challenges encountered, and solutions implemented. **Budget:** The total budget for this project is €100. This budget covers all aspects of the project, from conversion to testing and final delivery. **Timeline:** The desired completion time for this project is [insert timeline here, e.g., 2 weeks from project commencement]. Please provide a proposed timeline with your application. **Application Requirements:** Interested freelancers should submit a brief proposal
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