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Guru Technology & Programming Overseas
32 days ago


I am looking for someone for ongoing work. Your job would be to help with design ideas, help with sitemap/site plans. Basically, organizing information to give to our development team.  We do not need…

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I'm looking to found a startup that would create chatbots that are experts on almost everything that exits/will exist, including everyone. They include abstract and concrete forms. I am looking for team members. We will try using free resources as much as possible. First, the company will make the chatbots as full AI avatars, with audio and visual features/capabilities. Next, it would make computer versions of the chatbots. I mean, electronic tablets or laptop devices featuring only the chatbots with full features that confer fully functional specialized computer-robots. The full robot versions of the chatbots would be made after the development and perfection of the computer versions. As well, the company will make Intelligent objects. These are objects that would incorporate AI and learn as they are being put to use. They would use their experiences to optimize their performances for maximum value to themselves. They would prioritize their self-preservation and survival, just like humans. Such objects have souls like humans. For each one, the company would make the corresponding specialized chatbot avatar/computer-robot/human robot. The company will explore, innovate, produce materials that have eternal features, such as ability to heal ailments when worn as garments. It would use the materials to make these robots, further bolstering their longevity. The goal is to make the robots eternal or immortal except by destruction. Further, they hold the promise of conferring power autonomy to anything made. With power autonomy, objects would generate their own electricity to support their electrical function, and to keep them pristine.
363.0 GBP Technology & Programming peopleperhour Overseas
2 days ago