modify my mobile app like Tandem (React Native .NET)

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1500.0 USD peopleperhour Technology & Programming Overseas
31 days ago


Hi, I have an app about learning English and meeting new people that name is Tiningo. App is basically a working combination of Tinder & Duolingo. If people do some tasks then they get points and they have a chance to swipe users. I want to create a new app now a combination of Tandem & Duolingo . I have the Duolingo side so i just need Tandem side. So I need to integrate my app Duolingo side to Tandem version . I wanna use Amity Cloud Server for chat. I give details about this job. So if u interested pls contact me.P.S: If u wanna check Tiningo, u can download iOS & Android. Requirements : Expo React Native - .Net, BR.

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