We need an SEO copywriter (e-commerce site blog articles)

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109.0 USD peopleperhour Writing & Translation Overseas
123 days ago


We are a Top-Rated Plus e-commerce web development company Polyany s.r.o. (located in the EU, Czech Republic / Ukraine, and founded in 2017).
We are looking for an experienced SEO copywriter to join our team for a long-term project of more than 6 months.
As an SEO copywriter, you will be responsible for creating engaging and informative blog articles for the e-commerce sites of our clients.
Your writing should be optimized for search engines and help drive traffic to e-commerce sites.
As a candidate, you should have a strong background in blog content, content writing, copywriting, and search engine optimization.
You should be able to write compelling articles that are not only informative but also engaging to our clients' target audience following the content plan of our SEO team leader.
To apply for this position, please submit a proposal that includes how you can help us achieve our objectives. Please provide links to past projects that highlight your skills in this area.
We look forward to hearing from you!
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