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HelloI am looking to have a website designed for my heavy equipment machinery sales business as well as my retail type stuff that I sell on Amazon which will consist of smaller gas Garden type tools as well as cordless tools. I would like it to be friendly so that I can add and remove inventory easily as needed on my own with a good website template that is user friendly.
I would like to actually have these together or linked as one website with different sides one for the heavy equipment where you can fill out and leave contact information to have a salesperson consult you as well as another spot for the retail side where you can add to cart and check out seamlessly.
I do have pictures of products and media but in order for the websites to be designed to look nice and branded for my brand there will need to be some photo and digital creation/editing done during the website building process that I would also want included. This is something that I have funding for and will need to be done in a timely manner. I will be able to communicate and update as we go but I also am quite busy and unable to spend too much time explaining exactly what needs to be done so you need to be proficient and able to do the task efficiently and to my standards without much guidance.The website needs to be created with excellent SEO setup as well as be mobile-friendly and have the ability to look good to post/advertise on social media efficiently and effectively for my advertising campaigns.
Please Provide me:1)your recommendations on what you would suggest for the above ideas and whether one website with both sides will work or they need to be separate websites all together as well as your quoted and approximate cost to do the job and any other details that you may want to add.
2) detailed descriptions of your ideas about the project and what your recommendations are
3) your quoted price to do the work and the timeline it will take
4) please provide links to previous work you have done and websites you have built from scratch
5) please also include reviews from the same people as the website samples you send
Thank you for your time look forward to your ideas and quotes on this project I am undertaking thank you very much

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