BLE Detector with in range Browser based for PC

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I need an EXT to build for either chrome or any browser to communicate with the BLE devices within range and get a list that can be put into an array and sent to an external system. We tried to use the JS The Web Bluetooth API however it returns the list of discovered devices in a pop-up that we can’t read. As far as I can tell we cannot bypass this using the JS within so we need to have some that can be browser-based We are open to the solution of your choosing as long as it fits out requirements in the attached document. We currently have a windows package that can be downloaded however we have some clients that do not want to have it installed on the computer for security rules or do not want to have windows account to download it from the windows store and we will be deploying to A LARGE NUMBER of machines an need to have a solutionHere is the link to the Current tool using