Wireframes for website needed

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Hi there,
I am looking for someone to pull together some wire frames for around 10 pages for my new business website. I am provide rough outlines for these to instruct what it is I what to do.








I seek an experienced web designer to craft a modern and engaging website for my growing construction firm. The site should utilize clean and minimal visual design balanced with impactful imagery to convey our dedication to quality workmanship. Key pages needed include an about us section highlighting our team's extensive industry expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as separate pages detailing our services, portfolio of completed projects with photos and testimonials, and contact details with an intuitive form for potential clients. Easy navigation between these sections is paramount, employing prominent yet unobtrusive tabs or similar method across a responsive design optimized for viewing on desktop and mobile browsers alike. Content must be written in a clear, straightforward style emphasizing our strengths while avoiding industry jargon that could confuse casual visitors. Additionally, the site should integrate optional future features such as a blog with construction tips, a staff directory, and web forms to request quotes or schedule appointments. Submitters should have proven experience designing multipage websites for trade or B2B clients, with demonstrable skills in user experience design, HTML/CSS coding, and ensuring Section 508 accessibility standards are met. A well organized, commented codebase will be essential for my non-technical review and potential ongoing maintenance. Examples of similar past work showcasing design and development abilities are strongly encouraged. Please provide estimated timelines and costs for this project in your response. I welcome creative solutions that highlight
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