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I'm looking for a ghostwriter to help take a book for a client from a lot of transcripts and a loose rough structure and write the whole book. This is a book about some triggering topics. Sexual abuse Narcissism Domestic Violence Drugs & Organised Crime Amongst others... The first half of the book is how the author grew up, their early years, first relationships & jobs, how they got into drugs & crime... This particular story, they met a female police officer whilst being heavily involved in crime. Many problems happened due to this, they have quite the crazy relationship, her leaving the police, him leaving his 'job'. They go on to grow a big business together. Have a child together, Doing really well. He's coaching females through personal coaching and being very successful and a public profile growing via tv appearances, etc. All the time they are having swinging relationships with others. A lot to out there sexual encounters. This goes on to get shattered when the same former police officer partner has him arrested for controlling behaviour... He goes to prison for 19 days on remand, has a new partner already, lives with her on bail. Then she has him arrested as well when he left her... As you can tell, there's a lot gone on. But the second half of the book is all the realisations he has when he hits rock bottom and gets into therapy and get diagnosed with adult ADHD but also NPD, Narcissist Personality Disorder. But this is no common man, this is no standard lessons that he learnt in the second half of the book. He uses quotes as chapter titles in the second half and uses individual stories to bring those points in life, and the reflection of each quote chapter leads to the next quote. As each lesson he learnt, almost got deleted by the missing of the next lesson, so he had to learnt that too. Clearly there's a lot more to share on this project but hopefully this is an insight into what kind of project this is. We'd love to hear why you think you and your style would really suit this book and style. We are initially putting this job to UK only so that we can meet the writer in person and get a real feel for them during this process.
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