Transfer scripts to mobi format for kindle / e-reader reader

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I want to transfer documents from word or pdf into a mobi document to be read on a kindle / e-reader. This is a little more difficult than it sounds because because the document is not a novel or essay but a drama script so the formatting
Name: "Speech"Name 2: "Speech" stage directions / sound effects possibly in italics
needs to be preserved in an easy to read accessible format. I am attaching a small example of the sort of thing. This means that there may be some formatting of each document to do before loading up as a mobi doc. We are looking for a reflowable set of documents.
All told we will need about 50 scripts done - but we will be paying for the total job. I shall put in a fixed price but feel free to quote your own cost.
This needs to be ready for Sunday / Monday this week.








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