Mobile App Android for Tablet to work with Square Donations

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Hello, I would like to build simple interface on Andorid tablet , the app will be simple to show different donations links for easy processing. Square has a platform that you can use the Apple tablet to process payments from anywhere, I would like to use this for it.
I found this: Tap to donate the same idea that I want to create but again with a professional-looking and some options for customization.
we will use: if you watched this video, someone already did that.what I want to create is this:
But I want to enhanced it as the following:1- Use Squre tablet kit or card reader for payments2- use square for payment processing.3- build custom app that has admin configuration: as the following:a. upload logo.b. add API code to integrate with Squre (password protected) so no one can change it.)c. set the amounts to show on the app.
As the app will be locked and run in Kioks mode (no one will be around)d. donor will select and tap to donate. or may select custom amount. if the amount more than $20 will be asked to enter billing info for tax receipthe password will need to be set by us as different tablets with different password for changing the API ... etc. please let me know what do you think and if this is possible.e. the app once its processed show success message and go back to main screen.Square is POS system so there is no need for customer address, phone, email ... etc.there is a free solution by but the problem they do not support the contactless device, donners needs to input only credit card info.
We like pay to pay by tab. there is a company here in Canada do that, but its not reasonable.
1:51 PMhere is the article by Squre for: Connect a Contactless Reader are not using: Magstripe Readerwe are using: Contactless and Chip Reader