Draw Things

Draw Things

AI-assisted Image Generation in Your Pocket
474 days ago

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“ Hi, there. This is Liu. Draw Things starts as a crazy experimentation to see how today's phone stacks against powerful GPU cards. Luckily, I built Swift deep neural network library in the past a few years (https://libnnc.org/s4nnc) so it is relatively painless to migrate from PyTorch to Swift. From there, I made the stable diffusion models work on M1 chips (https://github.com/liuliu/swift-...) and then discovered it is painfully slow (around 1 minute on iPhone 14 Pro), but borderline usable on the top-of-the-line iPhone! Concurrently, works done by AUTOMATIC1111 and the r/stablediffusion community have shown us that image generation tools are not just toys. They are powerful productivity t

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